Friday, June 5, 2015

Father's Day card

I thought I'd share how I made the shirt card from my June kit of the Month- for those of you that have the Cricut Artiste Cartridge:

First:  In your Cricut artiste booklet- flip to page 75 and locate this image:

You will locate it under the "card" section.

In order to make this fit a standard 4.25x 5.5 envelope- you will need to set your size dial to 4.25.  This is because  the photo above is on it's side- from sleeve to sleeve of the card can only be 4.25 inches (4 1/4 )  to fit the envelope.  Due to the nature of the shirt design, it will not completely fill the envelope on the 5.5 inch length- but that's OK!!  As long as it fits IN the envelope you'll be fine.

What to press on Cricut expression:
SIZE: 4.25 ( 4 1/4  inches)
Pressure:  depends on your paper- I tend to set mine on max
choose "card" from the set of buttons on the upper left.
choose " Happy father's day button" which is in the main button section (where you choose actual designs)  This button is the 5th from the left in the bottom row.  In the booklets upper left corner- it shows a keypad diagram with a red button on the one you need to select for this cut.

using Simply follow the fold lines to fold your shirt and collar.  If you are using our white core cardstock. some white may show on the fold lines- you can choose to 1) leave as it is- it doesn't bother everyone.  2)  Fold the collar in the other direction - make the "back" of your card the new "front" and often that fixes it.  3) sponge coordinating ink around the shirt to "cover" the white- just make sure you sponge around all edges so it doesn't look out of place.

NEXT:  Use a ruler or other straight edge on the BACK of the card at the neck line to create a crease.  This will make it much easier for the card to be opened or displayed..

USING YOUR CRICUT:  Cut the tie and pocket.  The tie should be cut from DIFFERNT paper while the pocket should be cut from the same paper as the shirt.
**NOTE**  do NOT change the dials on your cricut.  only change the design to cut but leave it at the 4.25 inches.  It will cut a tie and pocket that fit a shirt cut at that size.  (it's so smart!)
The tie and pocket are also on page 75.
TIE:  Click "Accent 3" and the "happy father's day button"
pocket:  click "shift", "accent 3" and "happy father's day button"
LAST:  after attaching your tie and pocket to the outside- add a simple white cardstock piece inside so you can write. 

that's it!  it's really simple once you know what buttons to push to cut the parts.  Let me know if you have any trouble!

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