Thursday, May 21, 2015

Vintage CTMH for sale

Last week I posted a Vintage CTMH sale here on my blog.  I am working at cleaning out my space... to make room for new items of cours ;)

Here is a link to that sale and what is still available.  (click the blue link)

This week I'm posting a few more items.  It takes a while... so I can only do a few at a time.

REMINDER:  shipping is included for USA shipping.  I do not currently ship international as I don't have time to fill out customs forms at the Post Office.  Thanks for understanding!

1)  Huntington canvas shapes (original package had 10... only 4 in this set)    $1.75

2.  paper flowers and butterflies.  I believe this to be a full pack but I have not counted them.$5.50


3.  copper style decorative metal brads.  $4.00

That's it for this week...  I will keep adding each week when I have time.  You can combine several items into your ard, and click "view cart" in the upper right of my blog.  If you order 2 + items at once... I'll add a bonus gift in your package!

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