Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Vintage CTMH for sale

Updated 5/18


If you're a long time crafter like I am... you can probably understand when I say... I have TOO MUCH STUFF!  

I've decided to post a few items here each week for the next month or so to try to clean out a room in my basement so it can do more than store old product.

So here's my first few "destash" items.  I've set up the paypal links to only sell exactly what I have available.. but i'll come back and update each night if items sell during the day.

Item pricing includes shipping anywhere in the U.S... At this time I do not anticipate shipping internationally.  It's very difficult for me to get to the post office to fill out customs paperwork as I work full time in addition to my CTMH business.

If you order more than one item... and I ship them together- I'll add a bonus gift to your package to account for shipping.

So this weeks random assortment:

6x6 envelope template  SOLD

unopened hard plastic template to create 6x6 envelopes.  Trace, score, cut and fold.  Create one of a kind envelopes using your fancy paper.

$4 includes shipping.

Metal brads (I did not count but I believe this is full or very close to full)  $4

Finishing files:  slightly used.  Front of package has my initials (TKG)  $3.50

white brads - full pack (in photo.. bottom right brad looks damaged but that is a rip in packaging)  $4

Hollyhock twill ribbon.  length unknown but this spool is nearly full.  $4

Foundry ribbon slides.  Only 5 left in package.  $2.50

 Cloud 9 stamp set:  limited edition. SOLD

Dino stamps, retired, used. SOLD

You can use the "view cart" cutton on the right hand side of my blog to finalize your order.

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