Saturday, April 11, 2015

Deal of the Day

The April special is still going strong!

Have you purchased YOUR Deal of the Day?

I've purchased several, but haven't received any yet (I was on vacation and paid for the slowest shipping possible so it wouldn't arrive while I was away.  I think I'll receive my first next Tuesday!

In the meantime... here's a reminder of how it works:

Go to:
log in or open an account.  Shop:  add any one single item at full cost (it can be ANYTHING... even a sponge for $1.25) and the option to add "deal of the day" will pop up.

Amounts range from $35- to about $150.  Values range from a 45-50% off the original retail.  For instance, $35 boxes range from about $68 in value while %150 packages are a little over $300 in value.

Some photos of what others have received:


So try your luck at a grab bag of GREAT products.  You won't know exactly what you'll receive, but there's lots of great products that are being included in various packages... at a GREAT price!

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