Saturday, December 20, 2014

NEW Rolling tote and shoulder bag

Did you hear the news?
We have FABULOUS new rolling tote and shoulder bag organization.  The rolling tote holds our small, medium and large organizers.  It's too late to receive by Christmas, but for those that buy for themselves, celebrate later, or just plain WANT one...  click here to go to my page.
Place your order in my Mystery Hostess party and anyone that orders the tote is GUARANTEED a minimum $20 in free product. 
DON'T forget to add the $5 stamp of the month:
Deal of the decade:
Once you spend $50 or more, you qualify for buying as many "c" and "d" size stamp sets as you want at only $10 each (savings of $3.95-7.95 on each set)
All orders totaling $150+ qualify for hostess rewards.  I will contact you separately OR email me before placing your order and I will help you place the order to ensure your rewards arrive WITH your order instead of at a later date.

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