Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Thankful...for you!

Thanks so much for supporting my business and stopping by.
Here are a few fun designs just in time for Thanksgiving.
  This banner is so simple.  Just some cricut-cut banners using cricut.  Some fun natural colored letters.  Add some hole punched circles and twine and you have a fantastic display.
 This Thankful themed card kit is great for more than just Thanksgiving.  The kit comes with instructions to cut and assemble 5 each of all 3 cards.  I really loved the card on the left though and I made 15 from one kit of just that one design.  I gave them to each of my retreat attendees in October.  Each card had some fun embellishment as a thank you gift.  So even if you only like 1-2 designs, this kit is a faster way to say thanks! 
Click here for a photo of the kit contents (awesome stamp set!)

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