Thursday, August 28, 2014

page kit availability {SW Michigan Close To My Heart IND. consultant


If you aren't a member of my facebook page (gasp!) then you might not know I routinely offer page kits for sale. 

Here are a two page kits I currently have for sale:

$9 each plus $4.00 to ship one ($5.50 to ship 2-5 kits)  I track purchases so after the 10th page kit is purchased the 11th is free.

1)  Travel themed
2)  boy- themed

Click here to e-mail me if you wish to purchase either of these. 
(HINT:  two school themed kits will be released for purchase September 1st... join and watch my facebook page to see them as soon as they are available)

I have a bunch of designs currently available.. I'll post another update soon!

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