Monday, June 9, 2014

one card design; 3 ways. Close to My Heart Card Class secrets

Hi!  Welcome to my blog for a fun post on card classes.

Those of you that periodically visit my facebook page ( ) or that receive my monthly newsletter , already know that about 3-4 times a year I do a series of " Card buffet" classes.

Basically, I charge $15 for two hours of card creating madness.  I design anywhere from 10-20 card designs and have anywhere from 5-50 "kits" pre-cut for each design. 

This past weekend I had two hostesses who signed up to host an "all occasion" card buffet.  Since these hostesses both lived 3 hours from my home- I had to be prepared for BOTH classes, with no chance to prep more card kits in between.

I thought it'd be fun to show you a trick I use that keeps these card classes affordable and quick to prepare.

The secret starts with the Holiday card buffet I prepped last fall.  I had about 15-20 designs prepped and this was one of them.  I had about 50 card kits prepped for this one card:

I used Juniper and White Daisy cardstock.

All 3 washi tapes from the Sparkle and Shine Washi tape 3-pack that was available for a limited time last fall.
Blue green epoxy gems and pink/red sparkles (retired)

I also used the Santa Claus Stamp set and Artiste Cricut collection.

It's a simple card - and went together quick for those that were into mass producing.

One of these awesome hostesses decided to host a Birthday card buffet a few months later.  I had about 15 card sets left for this design...  I cut another 20 so I had 35 total and made it more "birthday like" with a few minor changes:

I kept the green washi tape and switched to a slate polka dot tape.  I kept the same die-cut shape but switched the stamps.  I used the Holiday Tags set with Juniper and slate inks. 

We also switched to the black and grey epoxy gems.

I went through about 20 of these sets.

Then I had two hostesses want to host the recent "all occasions" card buffet.  I was getting sick of this card so I stuck with the final 15 card sets and didn't cut more.  I made the following updates to the card:  I kept the Juniper Washi tape.  I swapped the other washi tape color for teal and silver glitter shimmer trim.  I also swapped the stamps for a "thank you" from the Casual Expressions stamp set.    All 15 of these card sets were swooped up at the last class.

As I mentioned- these cards are relatively simple.  Since my attendees get anywhere from 8 (for new stampers/ paper crafters) all the way up to 25+ cards finished... I have a mix of easy- difficult cards.  Now that this class is over- I'll post a few more of my designs later this week.

In the meantime- I was cleaning my craft room and found a brand new, unopened pack of the Sparkle and Shine Washi tape that I used on these cards.  There are 15 YARDS of each design for 45 yards total! (135 feet!!!)
This washi tape sold for $13.95 last fall.  The red and silver are both available individually at $4.95 a roll.  The green was never available separately.  I am selling this package for $10 which will INCLUDE shipping anywhere in the continental U.S.

The paypal button is set up to only sell ONE package- so if it accepts your payment it is still available ;)

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