Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Free To Be Me


Sorry for the absence in posts lately.  Luckily many of our activities are beginning to wind down for the year- it's such a good feeling when you start having more time to craft again!

I'm just popping in to remind you about the National Scrapbooking Month campaign going on right now.  It's called:

Free to be Me

This campaign involves a beautiful paper pack.  This pack is available only in May WHILE SUPPLIES LAST and is ONLY $5 with a $50 purchase.  It is a limited edition item and not available for individual sale.  I admit that I've been so busy I haven't even been able to play with my set but I'll be creating some artwork to show off after this weekend.

The photo below shows the paper designs a little better.  You get 2 each of 3 designer papers.  The top row shows one side while the bottom row shows the back side of each of those papers.
You also receive Red, Teal and Gold uv-coated cardstock (2 of each).  UV coating is like a glossy embossed look- it's actually really neat.  There are two vellum sheets in the pack.  One is covered in white feathers and the other has gold coated polka dots.

Want to see some AWESOME artwork using this set while I work on creating mine?  Why not visit our CTMH CEO/founders blog at:
and see what our corporate artists have done... stunning!
If you'd like to order a set for yourself, go to my website!  Add your order to my Mystery Hostess party for a chance to win all the rewards.

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