Friday, February 7, 2014

Page Kit- Grandmother

I am just loving this Ivy Lane Paper pack...  If you visit my facebook page you 'll know that I periodically post page kits for sale.  These are kits I design, cut and package and I used to only sell them at crops but now I post them on facebook.  I posted this page kit last night (I had 10 available.)  I sold 6 in the first hour... yeah!  That means I have FOUR left.  I am posting a link here to sell two of them.  The kits are $9 plus $4 if you need it shipped (I live in SW Michigan between Kalamazoo and Battle Creek... if you are in the vicinity I'm happy to arrange pick up if you want to save that $4.  I will be ready to begin shipping these kits next week. 

What comes with the kit?  pre-cut papers.  Pre-cut glitter "grandmother" which can be shortened to "mother" if you prefer.  Full Ivy Lane sticker pack.
color photo to use for assembly.
The shipping is a flat fee... so if you were to purchase both... it's only $4 shipping total.

**note** while I don't collect sales tax on page kits - MI sales tax is paid on all supplies at the time I purchase them.  That cost is rolled into my pricing.