Wednesday, February 12, 2014

headband style

Ok... here's a story... I made a headband... so cute!!!  It went together really quickly. 
My daughter HATES headbands... totally hates them... Soooo.  I bribed my 4 year old son to wear this for my picture.  I bribed him with a trip to the mall and promised not to show his face. 
He totally fell for it.

So the hair might be a total mess but at least I got a photo!  I used the Sarita textiles, burlap ribbon, base and bling headband (which I tried on and it wasn't all pokey like some metal headbands... it was actually kind of a nice fit), circle sticky dots and then the retired silver shimmer brad in the center...  I also used liquid glass to hold some of the stuff in place- but not much... I really used the adhesive dots for most of it.
This went together in about 5 minutes.  Just a quick, simple project. 

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