Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend Sale

Hello!  I hope you have a fantastic weekend and can enjoy some time with family and friends!

I am celebrating this weekend by offering you a great deal on items I no longer need!

Some of these I have multiples in stock... others just a single item. 

Watch back the next few days as I add more items... use the "deliver options" link under each item to make your purchase.  Items will ship within 3 business days.  These are all items I purchased and paid sales tax, shipping etc on.

Sorry I don't have a shopping cart function... items will need to be purchased seperately!

*** Bonus**** Spend $35 or more by Tuesday May 28th and I will send a FREE GIFT.  Watch back as more items will continue to be added.

Tulip Mini-Medley

Delivery Options

Honey Mini Medley


Delivery Options

Spellbound Workshop on the Go Stamp set- used- Limited Edition no longer available


Delivery Options

Whoo's Your Valentine Stamps- Limited Edition- NEW

Delivery Options

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