Friday, November 30, 2012

12 days of Christmas - Day 5

Well... I couldn't put it off any longer- I had to do something with TREATS! 

This post is really about using up what you have.  Close To My Heart doesn't sell these cute little hinged boxes but I've had this thing in a drawer for about 3 years.  So I of course gave it a little scrub before putting food inside!  I had to take 15 photos of this before I found one remotely acceptable.  It was an aweful angle and pitch black outside the window right next to it... so it's not the best.

I pulled out more of my Pear and Partridge scraps to create the decorative band and "yo-yo" flower.  I create the flowers by cutting a strip of paper (this was about 1x9 inches long).  I accordian fold it lenthwise.  I glue the two ends together to form a cyliner.  Let dry (use a strong adhesive like liquid glass).  Flatten your cylinder out and you are left with a yo-yo style flower (Why didn't I take a picture of the process?  I don't know but I will soon and add it to this post!)

I added some black tulle and a silver shimmer brad for sparkle.  The really fun part was using these pink letters to spell "joy".  I used the self adhesive pink felt Keepsake Alphabet stickers.  I love that little touch to make it a little more festive and fun.

As for the treats:  simply melt some white chocolate.  Dip pretzels and add festive holiday sprinkles before it all dries.  When I was tired of dipping pretzels I tossed in some Craisins to soak up the rest of the chocolate and dried them in lumps.  I also added holiday sprinkles to those.  Next time I'll add some chopped nuts to the Craisin mixture-  yummy!

Today is a bit different in that we don't carry these little boxes in order for me to sell kits so I had to change up my offerings:

Win: Enter to win a blank, undecorated tin just like this one.  I have ONE LEFT!  These are the cute boxes many people use as "nugget tins" where you cover a handful of Hershey Nugget candies with paper and arrange them in tins.

Earn: Place an order of $25 or more on my website today and I will send you your choice of Keepsake alphabet stickers OR the Black Tulle OR the shimmer brads- FREE!  Shop by clicking here.  ( Please note- today is the last day to spend $50 plus add the Stamp of the Month for $5 to get 50% off any stamp set in the book.  Don't miss out!)

DAY 2 WRAP UP: Winner of my Day 2 photo cube kit is Gayle V.  thanks to everyone for playing along- 7 more days to go!


Missy S. said...

Very cute as always...your directions seemed like a lot of You know how I like quick and easy :) thanks for sharing all your ideas, I need to get busy making some of them!

Traci Godbee said...

Don't let the directions fool you! It took longer for the liquid glass to dry than to put this together!

Anonymous said...

Cute idea...where did you get the tins?

Anonymous said...

Ugghhh...that was me... Chris C. (above)

Anonymous said...

Great idea. Tammy T

Traci Godbee said...

I got the tins from specialty shipping can be pricey if you only order a few but I would be willing to put in a bulk order if anyone local is intetested

Priemer Family said...

I would have to have Kurtis make soemthing to put in the tin, since I am a disaster in the kitchen! Cute tin, would be great for my co-workers!

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh. What a great gift. Gonna try this. Thanks for sharing. Rachiel

Julie said...

What a great way to package treats! I love making the yo yos. They really make a project pop!