Friday, October 5, 2012

Angry Bird cake!

You might remember me posting in the past about my second favorite hobby... cake decorating!

Well- last weekend was my daughter's birthday and here is her class treats and cake:

For her class treats I made Angry Bird cake pops:
If you aren't familiar with cake pops... you bake a cake and let cool.  Tear it all apart with a fork and mix in about 2/3 can of frosting. mix really really well (most important step to keep them from falling apart!)
Freeze overnight.
Melt colored candy wafers and dip.  Have your various decor ready to build your design while the candy is still melted... using frozen cake cools it fast but you'll have time to work if you are prepared.

I used candy eyes (available in many store's cake decorating section.
candy coated sunflower seeds for the noses.  Frosting in a jar (comes with it's own tips) - Betty Crocker for the yellow and red bird's eyebrows.  Red peel apart licorice for the black bird's eyebrows.  Green m&m's for the pic with a couple black frosting dots on the nose.  Packaged them all up and set to school.  I am sure those kids had an end of the day sugar rush!  I made about 32 of them and you can see them all piled up in the back ground.

For our family party:  I popped one of each design off of it's stick and used on the cake:
I used those yummy chocolate wafers to build the piggy's little hiding spot.

My daughter LOVED her cake and cake pops so much.

Two days later she requested a dragon cake for her next birthday... in a year... I think I will pray she forgets and picks something else! 

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