Monday, May 21, 2012

Busy times...

Sorry for the lack of posts... April/May are always so busy with the PTA events that I help coordinate at my daughter's school,  as well as all the birthdays, Mother's Day and crops/ classes I host.

So- I will be updating the links from my May Stamp of the Month blog posts later today but for now... here is a photo of the birthday cake I made for my son... as well as a "3-year" photo I took of him a couple days after his birthday. 
I'll be back with more artwork photos this week...

Stegasaurus cake... his spikes were made with fruit roll-ups.  It was a warm day so they didn't hold up well but they were fun to make!  I love his little teeth.
My handsome boy!

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Casandra said...

Awe, what a cutie pie. We did a dinosaur birthday party theme last year. This year, pirates rule. :) Cute cake!