Saturday, December 31, 2011

A new boss...

I have a new boss at my "real job" starting next week... because mine retired.  Bummer. Yesterday was his last day and he has been grinning like you would not believe.

His first goal... is to buy a fishing boat.  His second- is to travel out west this spring/summer and visit Yosemite, Mt. Rushmore etc.  So our group tasked me with designing his retirement card and this is what I came up with.

At this point... the front wasn't even attached to the inside.  With it being the holidays there was a "skeleton crew" at work and I needed to have people sign the card before Christmas since they were all taking off at different times. I passed around the inside of the card and finally finished the front the day before his retirement lunch....oops.  Good thing they all trusted

1 comment:

Casandra said...

Cute card. I love how the bronze glitz glue looks like sand on the cork letters. :)