Monday, November 28, 2011

Tis the season...for Cake Pops!

A little detour from the papercrafting posts of late for a peek into my second favorite hobby:  Baking!
Cake pops have gained in popularity and I decided to give them a try for an upcoming cookie exchange...  well... that means I need to make 120 of these babies... by Friday.  Yep- THIS FRIDAY.  I started them over Thanksgiving weekend but I am not ready for Friday and hope it takes it's sweet little time getting here.
The idea of reindeer cake pops is not new- in fact I saw the idea on pinterest. 

If you've tried to make them yourself... and failed... read on for my hints and tips!

Cake pops:
You need:
box cake mix
store bought frosting (16oz)
meltable chocolate ( I always use the melting chocolate wafers from Michaels.  Old wafers turn out yucky looking but Michaels sells these all the time and have good turnover with new stock all the time so I stick to purchasing from them or Hobby Lobby)

Wilton candy eyes and red hots.

1)  Bake a cake as directed on the box with water, oil and eggs as called for.  When done- cool completely...even overnight if needed. 
2) use a fork to completely rip the cake apart.  Stir in one jar (or a little less than one jar) of frosting.  I added a few spoonfuls of frosting at a time till the cake started sticking together.  It did take most of the 16 oz. jar.
3)  Mix THOROUGHLY.  Roll into balls.  If your cake has cracks when rolled into balls... it is not mixed thoroughly.
4)  Refridgerate overnight. 
5) melt wafers ( I use a double boiler but you can use the microwave.  I think there are directions on the package for that.
6)  Take ONE cake ball from the fridge at a time... dip end of a lollipop stick into melted chocolate and insert about halfway into cake pop.  DO NOT roll your cake pop into the chocolate- use a spoon to pour the chocolate over.  This will prevent the cake from falling apart in the chocolate.
7) Immediately insert your eyes/ red hots.  You only have about 30 seconds from when you set the cake pop down to cool until your chocolate is too hard to add your face.  This is a good thing but be ready to work quick.  If your chocolate hardens BEFORE your face is done... simply put melted chocolate on the back of your "face parts" and stick them onto the cake pop.
8) let your chocolate set up over night so it's completely ready for packaging.  Insert the cake pop into a treat bag and use brown pipe cleaners to add antlers...
Your reindeer pops are now ready for gift giving :)

I had a very busy weekend of crafting... so stay tuned for more this week!  Wed. night brings the December Stamp of the Month blog hop and later this week I will show off a brand new kit!


Kathleen said...

OMG these cake pops are such a cute idea!! I have to try this!!

Casandra said...

I love this fabulous idea. My kids would giggle all the way down to their toes over them. :) Merry Christmas!