Saturday, October 29, 2011

Halloween Treat Bag and blog comments.

I love receiving comments from people and appreciate them all-  If you ever wonder why I don't do the same- it's because I CAN'T!  I don't know why all of a sudden - blogger will not let me post comments.  It's been happening since I purchased my domain name.  It is telling me that I do not have access to view your comment pages when I try.  So until I have time to figure it out- please know that if you leave comments for me- I DO visit your blogs but at the moment I can't post my own comment to your blog.

Thanks so much for visiting me :)
P.s.  How about if I share some artwork by someone else today... Kristin Wessel is a very talented consultant from my area.  I met her at Disneyland for the CTMH convention in July and she gave me this cute treat bag at the Detroit Regionals this month.  She taught a great class on accessories.

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