Sunday, June 5, 2011

Studio J JPG- FREE for all!

I have really been talking up the Studio J program becausse I really do love it!  And while using the program is always free- in June you can actually recieve one free JPG of a Studio J 2-page layout.

What's the big deal with a free JPG... WELL... let me tell you:
1)  it's not really ONE free JPG but 3...  a free web based version of the 2-page spread which is perfectly sized for showing off on facebook, your blog etc.  AND 2 high res. images for printing full sized 12x12 versions of your pages.  You have the full rights to your jpg and can have them printed at any photo place that will print 12x12.

2)  YOU  can save these jpg copies to your computer... external hard drive- any on-line storage etc.  You'll have them forever if stored in the right location...

3)  you can print them ANY size you want.  While CTMH only prints 12x12 (so far... maybe we'll see some updated capabilities at the CTMH convention this summer?)  YOU can actually take the JPG and have it printed any size you want!
How about taking your JPGs and having one 4x8 printed of the pages side by side... that would be the perfect size for a Christmas card design!!!  Take a couple of your children's or pet photos from the first half of 2011 and use the Mistletoe paper pack in Studio J... design a 2-page layout (you might want to stick to patterns with larger photo blocks since the final size will be smaller) and poof... you can use that JPG at Christmas time to print out your photo cards... you'll be the first one ready for the holidays!

Here's a link to try Studio J yourself... You'll want to open an account to save your work in progress.

Here's a  Studio J video to watch... I'll post more throughout the month.

If you try Studio J out and decide you want a 3 month ($30) or 1 year ($99) membership (which gives you access to a LOT more paper patterns and layout designs plus cheaper pages etc) please e-mail me!  I  am offering a few specials for new members this month!

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