Thursday, June 30, 2011

American Celebration- SOTM Blog Hop!

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We are heading into a new month, which means a new Stamp of the Month blog hop!! Woohoo!

This month's set has 2 versions, American Celebration- sold in the U.S. and Canadian Celebration sold only in Canada. The only real difference is some of the wording.

I had fun with this set.  I decided on a party theme.  You won't have it in time for a 4th of July Celebration... but what about a "welcome home" party for a soldier coming off deployment... or even a "send off" party for one heading to boot camp. 
This set will also make fantastic scrapbook pages - which I will work on this weekend.  I have some photos I took on an Air Force base last year while visiting my friend's family in England.

Now... if you've just stopped by from Shannon's blog- welcome!  But if you are just joining in here on my blog- the next link is at the bottom of the post and if all goes well you should be able to follow the hop in a circle, ending up back here when you are done.
So enjoy the art on 60+ consultant sites- I know I will!

This first photo shows everything I made.  A simple card, a drink label and some cupcake picks.  (If you are sick of seeing cupcakes on my blog- don't worry because I'm sick of making them!  You won't see them again for a while!

colors:  cranberry, pacifica and crystal blue.  All stamping was done on white cardstock.

This is the card up close. I also did this card as a quick make and take at my clearance sale this week.  I used 3d foam tape to "pop" my star up.

I first inked my star in the Crystal Blue ink and rolled the very middle of the stamp through Cranberry and immediately rolled the tips in Pacifica and stamped to give it this colorful image!

 This is a little closer view of the cupcake picks.  I actually used bamboo skewers so they would sit up higher than toothpicks.  One of the picks has a multi-colored star which matches the card.  The other has the word America situated between 2 cupcakes. 
My drink wrapper.  Love this!  The rocket "trail" was stamped with Crystal Blue on the wrapper and then in all 3 colors on scrap.  I cut out the star from the different colored images and the rocket in cranberry and again used my 3-d foam tape for dimension.  The back side of the label is blank to leave an "easy to hold" surface.  You need some red line sticky tape or liquid glass to keep the cardstock from popping off the bottle.

A very fun, quick project to set the stage for your party!

To continue on the hop- head over to Tamytha's blog!

Hope you enjoyed your visit!  If you do not have a consultant and would like to order this stamp set- please send me an e-mail or visit my website to shop!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Tropical Island Paradise

Another cupcake post... but I promise real artwork is coming soon!  I have several events coming up that I've been working on projects soon... it's been a busy couple of weeks and I should be caught up soon!
These are for Tropical Island Paradise at daycare today! 

Thursday, June 16, 2011

who wants a cupcake?

I have a new office mate- she's really nice and I enjoy sharing my office with her.  Her birthday is tomorrow so I made a batch of Raspberry-filled lemon cupcakes.

Well.. there's not a lot of raspberry filling because it told me to not fill them so much that it comes out the top... so instead I underfilled... and personally- I will be bumping up the amount of lemon in these next time around as it's not super lemony... BUT - they taste really good none-the-less.  The fun cupcake liners are from Hobby Lobby

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Teacher Gift

I found this fun idea in the Family Fun magazine... using a plastic compartment case to fill with fun teacher/ office supplies.  I used our school colors to decorate the top of the case.

The Peace, Love and Pawprint magnet was too cute!  Our school mascot is the panthers and we use a lot of "pawprint" stuff so the magnet was perfect!.  Hope you like it!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

My second favorite hobby...

... is baking.  Since I have several really fun food/ party related posts coming up over the next couple months as I prep for a few fun events- I thought I'd pull all my "baking/ food" related photos into one spot and tag them such that they can be found in the future.

Awe... I know I'm missing some photos... so I only have 6 to show- but if I find more I'll add them later.
This one I just posted a few weeks ago:
Addie's 6th birthday cake- from last fall.

Kaden's first birthday- Barnyard themed.

A very fun, easy treat for little ones.  I used my mini-muffin pan to make a bazillion mummies for the daycare kids for Halloween.

I so did not make this platter of yummy food- but thought it was super cute!  Another mom from Addie's Kindergarten class made this for the Halloween party last fall.  the fingers are string cheese!

The taste of these cookies was hardly worth the effort it took to make them... they weren't that good but they were super cute!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Studio J JPG- FREE for all!

I have really been talking up the Studio J program becausse I really do love it!  And while using the program is always free- in June you can actually recieve one free JPG of a Studio J 2-page layout.

What's the big deal with a free JPG... WELL... let me tell you:
1)  it's not really ONE free JPG but 3...  a free web based version of the 2-page spread which is perfectly sized for showing off on facebook, your blog etc.  AND 2 high res. images for printing full sized 12x12 versions of your pages.  You have the full rights to your jpg and can have them printed at any photo place that will print 12x12.

2)  YOU  can save these jpg copies to your computer... external hard drive- any on-line storage etc.  You'll have them forever if stored in the right location...

3)  you can print them ANY size you want.  While CTMH only prints 12x12 (so far... maybe we'll see some updated capabilities at the CTMH convention this summer?)  YOU can actually take the JPG and have it printed any size you want!
How about taking your JPGs and having one 4x8 printed of the pages side by side... that would be the perfect size for a Christmas card design!!!  Take a couple of your children's or pet photos from the first half of 2011 and use the Mistletoe paper pack in Studio J... design a 2-page layout (you might want to stick to patterns with larger photo blocks since the final size will be smaller) and poof... you can use that JPG at Christmas time to print out your photo cards... you'll be the first one ready for the holidays!

Here's a link to try Studio J yourself... You'll want to open an account to save your work in progress.

Here's a  Studio J video to watch... I'll post more throughout the month.

If you try Studio J out and decide you want a 3 month ($30) or 1 year ($99) membership (which gives you access to a LOT more paper patterns and layout designs plus cheaper pages etc) please e-mail me!  I  am offering a few specials for new members this month!