Tuesday, May 17, 2011

a whole month!

wow... it's been a long time since I've gone this long with out posting!!  All I can say is it has been a busy month!
Since My last post- I organized and set up an Art Appreciation Week at my daughter's school...
her Kindergarten class studied a Russian painter- Wassily Kandindsky.  Here is her interpretation of his Concentric Circles :
We had soccer:

We had an egg hunt on Easter:

I hosted a scrapbooking crop 3 hours away on April 30th

I helped organize a Fun Run over the course of several months that finally took place May 6th at my daughter's school.

I co-hosted a fundraiser crop on National Scrapbooking Day (May 7th) at my church.

We had more soccer:

My daffodils bloomed-  I planted them in the new circle flower bed I created around my flagpole last fall.

I got a cute little Toad House for Mother's Day:

My son turned 2- I made his cake:

The new flowering plum tree we planted last year...flowered :) 

I had a birthday...  ate leftever cake from Kaden's b-day since his is the day before mine.

My hubby has a milestone birthday this month... his parents threw a surprise party for him... it was so much fun to see all of his buddies from high school.  We used to go camping with them every year- till we had kids!

so... now that all the craziness is over... I hope to be posting more often again!!

For those that were interested in ordering my Fanfare kit by mail... the official flyer is completed so I've been e-mailing it this morning.
Thanks for your patience this past month!

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Priemer Family said...

I love it all! So glad you got to post some new stuff and are getting caught up with other stuff too!