Friday, November 26, 2010

Kid's handmade Christmas Gifts


I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving yesterday!  I know I did...

I thought I'd hop on and show you my "pencil pockets"  that I've been making by the dozens!!
These little guys are something I made up for some crop make and takes recently.  I then took them on the road to a holiday bazaar type setting and got orders to make 54 of them!    I really wanted to use my sewing machine to stitch up the sides... although when I sat down to use it... it was on the floor (upright though) with the foot thread, no bobbin, the bobbin holder was sitting on the floor..
I'm guessing that when my hubby and dad were building walls down there- they knocked it on the floor and didn't realize half the parts were missing and just set it upright.  I think that means I deserve a new sewing machine, and since they broke it... i don't think it should count as a Christmas gift- do you?

So, I switched to using up the hoards of waxy flax and ribbon I have on hand...which actually does not take as long as you would think.  Ok, maybe not as fast as a sewing machine- but not bad either!
I found the pencils in the Target dollar spot, and the suckers at Michaels.  Fortunately for me I had an awesome Michaels coupon and got all the suckers (ALL 100+ of them) discounted.
These little pockets were a great way to use up cardstock and paper.  I'm currently working on a "winter" version in blues and whites as it fits one of the orders I received at the bazaar.
Have a great rest of the weekend- I'll be back soon with more art!