Monday, October 18, 2010

something different...

A few weeks ago... in the midst of planning my Christmas card class... I came across two gift box/ bag sets that I'd purchased at the dollar store 2-3 years ago.  I sure wish I'd stop buying stuff (with good intentions of course) and then letting it sit for year(s) before doing anything with it.
I stopped everything and finished these boxes off before moving on.  I  used scraps out of my over flowing scrap bin to complete these.  While I did use my cricut... all actual supplies are from Close To My Heart except the boxes/ cellophane bags and the goodies inside.

I have several events in November where I plan to sell handmade items and i think I'll take these along.  They each have BRAND NEW bath towels, wash cloths and baby teethers.

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Priemer Family said...

Too cute...only you could take a balloon box and turn it into a cutesy baby gift!