Tuesday, October 12, 2010

October club layout...

oh... this layout is one of my favorites of late!  I got the general layout design from another I saw while browsing the net... don't remember where I saw it or who's it was... but it was definately different.  I used all different products, titles, embellishment placement etc.

This is the layout my stamp club ladies can choose to make this weekend... I'll post the cards tomorrow (or tonight if I have time but it's unlikely!)

I used the Hooligans level 2 paper pack, Hooligans Level 2 Assortment, Boo Crew stamps with Sunset ink and cricut cartridges:  Once Upon a Princess, Schoolbook Plantin

Since this is a free project, I didn't add more than what you see... but I have plans for a more detailed page kit that I'll be selling at some upcoming crops.
Also- was not even paying attention that I should have lined my striped paper up... what do you think?  should they line up with the top and bottom of the green patterns like they do- or should the striped papers line up with each other- I'd love some comments on that subject!!


Anonymous said...

Honestly I wouldn't have even noticed if you hadn't said anything. You can leave it as is because I really like it. As long ans the page is like you want it...connecting the two by having the striped pieces even just doesn't matter I don't think. Great either way.

Priemer Family said...

I wouldn't have noticed it either, but I think I would like them lined up...you know how I am w/ being symmetrical!!