Saturday, October 30, 2010

Christmas card class card post 4

Hello!  I have two more photos from my class cards.  I have one more card to post but I have to find it first.   Before I post my cards I wanted to point out that I've added some tabs to the top of my blog so I can share more information without clogging things up a bit. 
Check the specials tab!  It explains the company November special and mine too!

Ok- here are the two cards for today as well as some Halloween treat photos I made for school and daycare yesterday :)

 It's very hard to see but there's lots of Glitz on this card!!  The hat and scarf are colored with copic markers BG72 and G21 which are very similar to Twilight and Sweet Leaf CTMH colors.  I did this because I really wanted to use the CTMH Glitz which has  a natural tendency to alter the color of our markers and inks.  Typically I love this look and when i don't want it I use a glue pen with prisma... but I really- REALLY wanted to use glitz so I pulled out my copic markers instead.  The lights are also colored with those two markers to coordinate.  I did forget to color my little snowman nose - I'll have to do that before i use this card!  I stamped the snowman and lights with Black and the snowflakes with Twilight. The stamps are from Sharing the Magic- the October Stamp of the Month

 The second card uses the cute little set called "A Timber" which retails for only $7.95!  You can view it here.  We used the following techniques:  masking and stamp rolling. 
Stamp Rolling:  Ink up in the lightest color (the Pear green) then roll the edges in the darker color (Chocolate) stamp your image (the middle image first)  Then stamp the same image on light weight copy paper- cut out.
Masking:  Place your second image from the copy paper over the first image.  Re ink your stamp in a similar fashion and stamp to the left.  Re ink again and stamp to the right with your "mask" still over the first image... now it looks like your first tree is in the front and the others are behind.  so fun!  This little tree is embellished with just a few little blue and green sparkles.
And now for some yummy Halloween treats!  These little mummy cupcakes were for daycare.  My son is only 18 months old and I didn't want him overloaded on sugar- so I mixed up a batch of white cake batter and poured it into my mini muffin pan instead of my cupcake pan..  I used white icing to draw some lines across and two little chocolate chips for eyes... aren't they cute!

These little pumpkins are the cookies for my daughter's Kindergarten class.  I'll post this recipe soon.  It's my most favorite sugar cookie recipe.  I mixed the ingredients and rolled the dough.  Addie cut out the cookies.  I iced them and she did the purple sugar... she loves purple so there you go..I added some icing dots and she added the eyes.  It was truly a joint effort!.I wrapped them in halloween treat bags tied with little spider rings on the outside- so cute!
As for this last little number- i totally did not make this!  Another mom brought this in and it was so awesome! Not sure where the idea came from but the "brain" is watermelon... the fingers are cheese sticks with carrot nails and the mouths (I think that is what they are?) are apples with walnuts inside. 

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