Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sept club cards

Hi!  I promised my club members I'd have the cards for club (this week!) posted by the end of the weekend so they could choose their project...well- it's certainly the end of the weekend so i'm just in the nick of time!

ok... not the best picture and I do have individuals of each card...  I'll try to post the close- ups tomorrow but I am literally drop dead tired!!
Ever since our vacation last month- I've been working non-stop to prep for my first EXPO event...lots of planning and artwork creating going on and I have a LOT left to do to ensure an awesome booth!!

Not to mention - school is back in session, soccer started yesterday for my daughter and her dance registration for the new season is tomorrow night... the one year old doesn't rest and our house is getting some much needed cleaning and we are working on a total re-do of my scrapbook area.

It was too hot to do much outdoor work this summer (I think I read last week that it was the 4th hottest summer on record for Michigan) and now that cooler temps (and no to low humidity!) have finally arrived- we are cleaning the garage and pole barn areas out plus doing all the splitting of perennials, final weeding etc that we desperately need to do.

I promise once the expo is over- you will be flooded with artwork posts!! until then I will post when I'm able to.  I'll leave you with a photo of my little friend I discovered today.

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