Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Ahhh... the Expo is over

Now that my first official Expo is over... I can finally catch my breath and post some artwork!!  Today I'm posting the Hooligans artwork I had on display.  Towards the bottom of the display is a little "Boo" halloween album I created with our 4x6 flip flap memory protectors (15 per pack at only $3.95- these sold like hotcakes)  you can find them here.

As I promised the expo attendees... I'll be posting the tutorial for how I made this - hopefully tomorrow.  I took all the photos while assembling it so I'm working on it now.

thanks for sticking with me - I'll be posting a little more regularly now!
If the tutorial isn't posted by the end of the day Sept 29- watch for it Oct 2.
Sept 30 will be the October Stamp of the Month Blog Hop and I like to leave those posts live for the 1st of the month as well.


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