Friday, July 2, 2010

Foto Friday...

For those just here to look for artwork.... I'll post it first :)  If you have any inclination to look at my nature photos- I would love for you to keep scrolling down :)
I pulled out a photo cube from CTMH that I'd purchased when they first came out (with good intentions of decorating it right away!).  I finally had inspiration to decorate it when I saw the Cherry-O paper pack.  I decorated it and will add photos when I print some off... I'm using it as a candy/ treat dish for my desk.  The top "ticket" says "Tasty Treats" 

The clasp is basically a Tulip button with natural hemp tied through.  The button is liquid glass"ed" to the top for a tight hold.  A bigger brad is used on the front of the photo cube and placed such that the hemp will loop over the brad to keep it closed.
Each corner of each side of the photo cube has 2 holes to use to put the cube together.  However, I am impatient and opted to cover all of the holes with paper... then I went back and used my piercing tool to poke a select few of the holes for decorating(see the two sets of brads on the second photo.).  My cube is actually held together with liquid glass.  It dried super fast and while I made the box 3 weeks ago I only took the photo today.  It is holding quite nicely.
P.S.. If it sounds confusing... keep this in mind... The photo cube comes flat- you decorate each side and then put it all together.  If you need a visual let me know- I have a photo of it before decorating but didn't take any "in between" photos!  silly me!
As to my Foto Friday photos- here they are:

Here are the next batch of lilies to open up:

The largest Green Pepper I've ever had- it's not done growing but I have bad luck with these silly things so I'm taking a photo to prove it was growing good at one point :)
The last few photos are some backyard critter photos from just today:

You can't tell- but this little guy was holding on for dear life. It was windy out and the weeds (yep... weeds) were blowing around like mad... I'm surprised I was even able to get the photo!

Thanks for stopping in- come back soon!

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