Friday, June 18, 2010

Foto Friday...

This week I have more photos from my gardens... which is good because I haven't loaded any new crafty photos to my computer yet.

I always put my pansies in pots because they don't really like hot, humid weather that we are starting to get.  They'll shrivel up soon- no matter how much I water them.  I planted them back in March since they like cool weather and will yank them out soon and replace them with some other annuals I've picked up.  For now they are still pretty though.

Wave petunias... they are spilling out from a tipped over whisky barrel... if I think of it I'll take a photo of the whole thing one of these days..

I love me some lillies!!  All kinds of bright colors too!  The orange is one of my favorites.

Can't forget Mr. Squirrel...  He lives in the oak tree... close to the acorns.

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