Friday, June 11, 2010

Foto Friday...

I love to take photos- don't have a fancy camera but I do love the one I have (Nikon Coolpix L100) and am always practicing with it.  I have an overabundance of misc. photos and thought I'd share them on Fridays...

Here are some photos of some of my flowers in bloom that i've taken over the last week or so:
Photo #1- Marigold
Photo #2- Potentilla bush with a fly :)
Photos #3 & 4 are both roses... from the same plant...  Not quite sure what happened there-  8 years ago when I moved in all the roses on the plant were shaped like photo 3 with the color from photo 4.. Starting last year blooms looking like the photos shown  started to periodically appear and now this year... about 50:50...  Must have been a grafted plant and the two halves now look like the original odd!  I've never had that happen- but it's funny because it looks like I have two rose bushes planted side by side...

And lastly- Here's a face shot of my fairie statue in my flower bed..  she sits between all my daylilies.

Hope you enjoyed this little look in my gardens today... I'll show some more photos next Friday!

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