Friday, June 4, 2010


I'm doing a craft show in a few weeks and decided that I would go through my HOARDS of supplies and see what I could make.

I have some cards made already so when I came across the Felt flowers I'd purchased from Stampin' Up YEARS ago (all in the original, sealed, packaging- never even opened for crying out loud!) I thought I'd try some bookmarks using Jumbo paper clips.  The only Jumbo clips I could find at Target were colored and I wasn't sure about the colors... but they actually match really well!

You can see that I used a variety of felt combinations with pewter, and colonial white brads and a couple even had buttons.  Liquid glues just soak through felt so I used a bunch of glue dots on each one and they are really strong.  I tried to pull the completed bookmarks apart to see how well they held up- and you have to put a LOT of force into it to even get the glue dots to budge a little...

I made 14 of these and took them to work - a co-worker took one home to show his wife and she bought 10... good thing I only used a portion of the felt in that package because I need to get cranking and make some more!!

These would make a great addition to a Barnes and Noble gift card at Christmas , Birthday etc!


Sheri said...

These are so simple and adorable Traci. They'd make great teacher gifts!! Hmm. I might have to "scraplift" this idea this weekend. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Traci what a great idea and you sold some your first outing...I think you have a big seller on your hands. I love the idea of a bookmark for any occasion because I read a lot. My kids and my husband read a lot too, but think this idea would be more feminine because of the bright flowers. WTG!!

Priemer Family said...

Love it! Think I will steal it for Austin's teacher gift w/ a GC too!