Friday, May 28, 2010

blog candy coming...

I've been soooo busy this last week creating lots of fun artwork to show... but haven't had time to take photos and upload them.  I am in the process of cutting paper and packing up 60 card kits for a fundraiser.  Tomorrow is the class itself and then ALL the rest of the supplies will be sold as kits to raise money for a local man who needs a double lung transplant due to a genetic defect.  He has been told by the transplant "people" that he will likely incur approx. $80,000 in out of pocket expenses related to the transplant (including out of state travel/ living etc)  I am helping out by putting together this fundraiser.  It's 4 cards for $10 and $6 goes towards the fundraiser.  The other $4 covers my supply costs, ink useage etc. which is quite a bit for 60 cards!

This weekend I'll be posting a photo of the 4 cards- and in anticipation of reaching 20,000 hits (i'm less than 20 away!)  I'll be offering one kit up as blog candy- I'll donate the $6 to the fundraiser AND one lucky winner will be able to create 4 fun cards!
Check back this weekend for your chance to win!

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