Monday, May 17, 2010

birthday fun!

Oh my goodness...  my little guy turned ONE this past week.  It seems a few short months since posting his baby photos... like this one:

Here he is at 13 days old.  Love those tiny little hands!
Now this one year old had BLONDE hair and the bluest eyes!  Such a cutie!
Here is the fun barnyard cake and animals I made for the party-  I got the idea from Family Fun magazine several months ago and set it aside.  You'll see two names on the cake- Kaden is my little guy- Nathan is his cousin that was born one day before him... We celebrated together!  The next photos is Nathan himself! He is so dang cute- we live a few hours apart and don't see him often.  It's fun to get the boys together and see how they react with each other. 
And of course... why have a birthday if you can't eat cake?  I'm pretty sure the boys enjoyed their party!

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