Thursday, January 28, 2010

some artwork... finally!

oh my... did I have a blast at the retreat last weekend... I won't bore you with all of the details of the place we stayed... but I will tell you it was GORGEOUS!  ok... i'll tell you a few things.  1) 12 of us women went in and rented it together.  2) it had several kitchens and a bathroom in every bedroom 3) The views were to die for!  and 4)  What happens at a weekend scrapbooking getaway... is never forgotten!  Because who doesn't take their camera scrapbooking with them?  lol- lots of fun pictures. 
Here's one:  This first photo is of Lake Huron right after I arrived.  The photo was taken from the balcony in my room... It was so SUNNY!  If you aren't familiar with Michigan winters... you should know... this is a rarety.  Typically you can count on one hand (two if we are lucky) the number of sunny days during the winter.  This winter though, we have had a few more sunny days than normal and I am loving it!  Look how the whole edge of the lake is totally frozen over and the warmer (warm enough not to freeze at least!) is out further- so pretty!

The second photo was taken from the same balcony right before I left 2 days later.  Quite a difference!  Some of the ice had melted away and you can see some rocks poking through the ice- but look at those waves!! It was much colder and overcast that day.

While at the retreat I completed 22 pages... thought I'd finish more but considering the fact that I probobly finished more than all the rest of the girls combined...not too bad!  It turned into a very relaxing weekend and we couldn't stop enjoying the house itself... so we took plenty of breaks from scrapbooking!
I focussed on using several supplies this weekend including some rub-ons I'd been holding onto for a couple of years.
The pages I'm showing today use the Felicity paper pack that has been the special since mid- December.  After using it on 3-4 layouts this weekend- I am really hoping you picked up a pack for yourself!  The papers are awesome!
Both of today's layouts are made with photos from an apple picking day in 2007 with my daughter.  One layout for her book and one for mine since it was a family event. 

All of the words and the border on the left page are rub-ons... I have a close up of the flower design if you scroll down.
As I post more photos over the coming week you'll see that I went to town with my new Just Blooms Spring Blossoms and bitty sparkles... I couldn't get enough of these items!  Several layouts also use the Bigger Brads in chocolate, white and Colonial White.  I had a few left and wanted to use them up.  It was my goal to try to empty a few packages while gone - whether it was embellishments or paper- I didn't care!
Tell me that the flower/ brad/ sparkle area to the left isn't cute!! LOVE IT!

As I mentioned above, I made two layouts with these photos and the Felicity paper pack and here is the second...
This layout was made following a layout from my inspiration pile (a pile of pages ripped out of past magazines, idea books, website/ blog print outs etc.)  The theme from my idea page was totally different as were the embellishments used... which is the fun part of using someone else's ideas- You get to implement them any way you like!
Just had to show you this close up of the butterfly in the Just Blooms package- You get butterflies in all 3 colors and the bitty sparkles make cute butterfly "trails"

For some reason- all the layouts I created used photos from 2007 except one Christmas '08 layout and a layout of my sister-in-law's baby shower from last March... so no layouts of my baby boy!  I don't scrapbook in any order for the most part but was stuck on photos from that year for some reason!

Hoping to work on some "boy" things soon though... just need to be in the mood!

well- that's it for today... check back soon because not only do I have more scrapbooking and class projects to show- but Jan 31st I'll be posting my piece of the February stamp of the Month blog hop and you definately don't want to miss that!!

See you soon!


Priemer Family said...

I love them! Glad you had a good trip too!

Jena said...

What gorgeous Felicity pages - TFS!