Wednesday, December 30, 2009

holiday gifts

I spent a LOT of time the last few weeks before Christmas working on gifts for our parents. My dad received a calendar that I had printed at the local Meijer store- but it was made using photos of barns that I took on a back road drive last summer. (Hubby and I like to pile the kids into the car and just start driving... we usually have a basic direction in mind- usually towards some town we've never been to - and we just see what we see along the way. That day our purpose was to hit as many back roads between our home and the Indiana border (only 30-40 minutes from home) and take photos of barns for this calendar. We did get lost that day... in Indiana... I guess they don't post "Welcome to Indiana" or "you're leaving Michigan" signs on dirt roads... wonder why- lol. While I didn't take photos of the calendar I had printed- here are 2 of my favorite photos that I included in the calendar.
Our love for "back roading" trips came from my parents- that's pretty much how we spent vacations growing up- we left when we wanted and never had hotel reservations. We just stayed wherever there was an open room. My mom and dad bought us a TomTom GPS system this year... so we don't get lost in Indiana with two little kids- especially one that requires clean bottles and diapers!

Next up today, as promised yesterday, are photos from my mom's album ( I think that's what I promised yesterday ;)...

These photos are only of the first half of the album because I didn't have time to get the rest, I have to finish 2 pages towards the end, and because the second half includes very personal letters from my siblings and I to my mother and it's certainly not my place to post their letters on-line. There are some letters here from my mom's brothers and cousins- but I don't think they are legible in the photos due to taking the pics behind plastic. I kind of took some of them so the flash blocked out the writing.
The album is 9x9 and to save time and money I used mostly the Magic Moments kit that was available several years back- they were all Level 1 pages (it was a large kit including lots of stickers and tons of pre-printed pages) I just looked at the Level 1 pages and trimmed them to 9x9 in orientations that would fit my photos. I also used some Caprice Level 1 pages and even plain old cardstock. All the papers and stickers and embellishements were things I had on hand except I did order one package of Silhouette My Stickease for use in this album.
My mom as a little girl:

My mom - the right page upper left photo is my parents on their wedding day! so cute ;)

My mom's mom- better known as GG to our children- unfortunately she passed away and while the nephews were old enough to remember her- my daughter doesn't. She lived next door to us and we always celebrated "Happy Hour" with her- lol.

My mom's dad.

My mom's family

My mom and her siblings. The large photo on the right is from just this past summer when my parent's hosted her family reunion. Why didn't I do a page on the family reunion? Maybe I'll add that to the book later.

My Mom's grandparents (Her dad's parents) She has the most memories of this side of the family and we had LOTS of photos of them.

This last one has photos of my Grandmother's mom (I didn't have any photos of my Great-Grandfather) and my mom with several cousins- two of whom also wrote letters to my mom!.
I didn't get any photos of my pages and sibling pages of our children etc... We'll see if I remember next time...
Hope you enjoyed that little snippet of my mom's book. The letters to her were all so nice and made her a little teary- she wouldn't look at the book till the house was empty.. literally. We left the day after Christmas to take the kids out to lunch and shopping at her local mall- she finished perusing it while we were out.
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Anita Mattox said...

The barns are great. I LOVE the album! I know your mom is very proud of it.

Amy said...

Wow this album is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!