Saturday, June 6, 2009

deal a day- chocolate ribbon!

Have you been watching the deal a day specials on my website? If so then you've done better than me!! Today's special is a free Chocolate Ribbon Rounds collection with the purchase of any stamp set (except personalized stamps and stamp of the month)- Follow this link to see for yourself the awesome ribbon in this collection!!

That means... literally... you could buy a stamp set valued at $10.95 and receive ribbon worth $7.95 FREE!! Isn't that awesome! If you're wondering which stamp sets are $10.95- it's any stamp set with an "A" as the first letter... "B" stamps are $13.95, "C" stamps are $18.95 , "D" stamps are $22.95 and "E" stamps (our larger alphabets) are $34.95

These deal a day specials are a great way to stock up on stamp sets you've been wanting.

Simply add one (and only one) stamp set and the deal a day special to your order. You will have to pay sales tax on the free item (only 48 cents!) but you get a great shipping rate of only $3.00!! Website shipping is normally a minimum of $7.95 but for the deal a day specials ONLY- they are offering discounted shipping!!

I'm really sad I haven't been paying attention- One of the 6 goodie box days was this past week- for only $60 plus $8 shipping- the goodie boxes had $120 worth of product!! Those who've received them so far said they contained a scrapbooking kit available last May, 3 stamp sets, several rolls of bulk ribbon and more! Those goodie boxes sold out so I'll have to keep my eyes open for the next one!!

hope you have a great day!! I'm taking my daughter to a birthday party today that I'm totally dreading.. it's 2.5 hours long and will be all 3-4 year olds... at their house- so I'm HOPING they've rented bouncies or something to keep the kids busy all that time... if not- it's going to be a LONG day!! Tonight is my night to play with my stamps- I need some time to myself after several long days this week of running errands with baby in tow!

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