Thursday, May 21, 2009

no art for a good reason...

I do have art to share... but no photos at the moment- I'll get to that soon - I promise!!
In the meantime I do have a few photos I'd like to share that explain my absence!!

I'm so excited to show you photos of our new little boy- Kaden!!

He's the reason my posting over the last few months has been minimal. As much as I'd love to say that being pregnant this time was as much fun as the first would be a big fat lie!! Of course the end result was well worth all the pain and discomfort I felt- I am thrilled to have this little guy join our family!! He was born May 11th- so I celebrated Mother's Day as a mother of one and my birthday May 12th as a mother of 2!! How fun :) Since he was born by repeat c-section- I was in the hospital a few days. The hospital food service even brought me a cake for my birthday- It was so yummy!!

Here's a couple more pics to show off my family (except me since I took them!! I do have a "first family photo" that my mom took when we were home but i haven't uploaded it yet)
Fortunately for me, but not my photos, my hospital room was sooo sunny during the day. It was hard to get photos with a good exposure mid-day. I do love this one though- look how excited my daughter is!! She loves her little brother so much. She is so helpful and lets me take a nap each day so I can heal as quickly as possible. I always thought I wanted my kids closer in age- but honestly- since they are different genders anyway- the 4.5 year difference is working out nicely at this stage.

This one I had to share just because it was so fun to take! You can see the tail end of the helicopter in the back ground. This is a photo of my mom and daughter watching the helicopter take off from the helipad outside my window. Addison was so excited to see the helicopter take off... she had been waiting patiently to catch it and since she was only in my room a total of 2 hours in 3 days... it almost didn't happen!
So- there you go! A few photos I wanted to share with you and a promise that I'll be back with art this week... I'll show you the thank you's I've been making for baby gifts!


Jena said...

Congratulations on your new bundle of joy! I just had a boy after 3 girls and it's been fun! Kaden is so handsome and it looks like his big sister adores him. Take care of yourself but I can't wait to see all the fun boy things you create now!

Karrie O. said...

Hi Tracy,

Congrats on your new little baby boy!! Cherish every moment!!

Have a SWEET day!!

Jen Rubio said...

Congrats on your sweet and beautiful new baby boy!! How wonderful!!! I'm really enjoying the artwork on your blog too - you're so very creative!!