Wednesday, March 18, 2009

slight blog hiatus

I'm so sorry for the lack of posts- it's not because I'm too busy or don't have things to post.. it's because My basement (where ALL of my scrapbooking is done/ stored etc) flooded last week... while the basement itself is finally dry- the drywall is still damp and there are industrial sized fans and a dehumidifier set up trying to dry it out. I could technically start setting things up again since there's only drywall in one end of the basement... but the fans are so loud and so strong that A) my paper would probobly blow all over the room and B) I wouldn't be able to hear myself think!! It's really that loud. Today I cranked the heat up to 75 in my house and tried shutting all the upstairs vents to direct the heat downstairs... but that really doesn't work that well!! My house was soooo toasty when I got home from work today that I was sweating my butt off and had to turn it down for a while.

At any rate- as quick as I can get back to working in my room- I'll be posting on my blog- I have several cards to take photos of that could be posted now- but they are lost in the chaos at the moment!!
See you soon!


Priemer Family said...

You are so funny!!

Anonymous said...

WEll sorry to hear about your flood and hope you are back to scrapping soon. Have a great one.

Priemer Family said...

Glad to see that I don't have much to catch up on since my internet hiatus!