Sunday, February 8, 2009

Christmas Card Sunday- week 6

Usually I do most of my creating on Saturday- but yesterday was a busy day spent vendoring a crop and I returned home exhausted!! So for today's Christmas card I needed something relatively simple and quick. I decided it'd be a great day to pull out my stash of "recyclable" cards and see what I could come up with-

Here's the result:

Before- this is a card I received from my Aunt and Uncle. I chose to follow the original colors and theme- If you can't read the wording that repeats itself it says "Let it Snow" all across the lighter colored lines.

Here's my after version: I shifted the greens in the card to a more "traditional" tone for Christmas. Then the sentiment seemed silly with the colors- like I should have used Merry Christmas or something.... then that didn't seem to "go" with the snowflakes so I just left the sentiment as is and realized that's probobly why they used the blue/green on the original card. The photo was taken at an angle so you can see the rhinestones added to the center of each snowflake. Hope you like my take on this papercrafting redo- It was pretty darn quick (other than the time it took to second guess my idea multiple times!!)
I'll be back this week with more art- I spent some time designing a baby shower invite for my sister in law's shower and I'll be working on centerpieces this week as well- plus I've started playing around with baby announcement ideas for my own bundle of joy's arrival this spring!!
Thanks for looking :)

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Priemer Family said...

"Let it snow" still seems appropiate w/ the snowflakes and I love the rhinestones. Nice job recycling...the people over here would be proud!