Friday, February 6, 2009

Another layout...

Here's the second layout for my 4-layouts for $20 class in March... Just trying to crank through the projects I need to create since I have a busy couple of months!!

The supplies are all the same as the last layout posted... except we use the Cupcake Sprinkles Stamp set... which is sooo cute! Even though there's a lot of blue- I would definately use this for a girl's birthday layout so I think it's pretty neutral. If my customers want, they can leave the cupcake off and use for Graduation or some other fun event to "Celebrate!"
This will be a busy weekend... tomorrow I'm vendoring a scrapbook crop and need to finish packing for that tonight. Sunday I'm hoping to finish cleaning out my spare bedroom and start fixing any wall "problems" there may be- I don't think there's many- just a dent here and there from moving furniture in and out. Then I've got to settle on a new paint color... should be fun!!

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Priemer Family said...

I like this layout...simple yet so cute and I love the cupcake..I like the blues (since I have all boys!) but, I like that it isn't too much of the trucks and sports gets old!