Sunday, September 14, 2008

Regional Celebration Contest Winner!!

Woohoo!! I just got back last night from a 2-day CTMH Regional Celebration in Detroit, MI. It was 2 awesome days of business and creative classes and it was worth every penny! They had fabulous speakers, fabulous artwork for us to make ( and we received LOADS of product for the projects), tons of free giveaways and yummy food for lunch each day. They had 2 contests we could submit artwork for- a card contest using rub-ons and a layout contest using the new Color-Ready Alphabet Stickers. Originally I'd intended to submit something to both contests but I barely had time to complete the layout entry ( I finished at 9:30 pm Thursday night and was leaving at 6am Friday morning!!) I really was worried I wouldn't finish in time- life was crazy the last few weeks and I'll be out of town every weekend in September except next weekend when I have my club members over. So I've been slightly overwhelmed with finishing swaps, club projects, gathering make and takes and more!!

Last weekend I finally sat down to look at my stash of photos. I've had these photos since the spring of '07 (yes the date is wrong on the layout-I'll fix it later) and had the title all planned but was totally uninspired to work on it. When I saw these last weekend my idea finally formed- I'd switch them to black and white and use the new Perfect Day Paper Pack. It took 24 hours in between a full work schedule and sleeping to complete. I literally started Wed. night at 10 pm until 11:30, woke up at 5:30 Thursday am and worked on it till I had to be ready to leave for work. Then I returned home from work at about 5:30 pm and worked on it throughout cooking dinner, after dinner, after my daughter's bedtime... finishing about 9:30. It was CRAZY! But- all the effort payed off big because I won first place!! yipppeeee!! First place earned me $50 to spend on CTMH product!!

The photos don't show it well but this is what I did with my Color Ready Alphabets- first I used some of each option available for sale. Any letters with stamping were done with the September Stamp of the Month: Treasure Life in Juniper ink. Those with stamping were also sponged with Bamboo ink. The solid color letters on the right page are sponged with Juniper ink then covered with prisma glitter using the write and rub pen ( a must-have for glitter enthusiasts!!) the numbers were sponged with bamboo and edged in Desert Sand. All of the stamped flowers were also covered with the write and rub pen and Glitter.
The brown flowers are sponged with Bamboo and Desert Sand and the "blue/green" flower is Juniper.


Priemer Family said...

It is so cute, Traci! Nice job and congratulations!!

Tonia said...

Congrats! I love the layout! I am glad you had fun. I can't wait to see the new stuff!