Friday, September 5, 2008

not so sure...

I was home with a sick kid today- ear infection was the culprit. She fell asleep in the car on the way home from the dr and slept another 2.5 hours on the couch.

Hmmm... I think maybe my free time would have been better spent on something other than the two projects I made.... but since all the cool stuff I've been making will either be posted next week after my open house- or later after I see if they'll be picked up for publishing or not.. .you are left with these.

The first really isn't terrible. The idea is nice, the colors are nice... I'm just not sure if I should have used such a large label stamp or not. There are smaller ones in the October stamp of the month- but they wouldn't have fit the wording... and while this one fits the wording.. it's sort hanging off all over the place. Overall- it could be worse :)

I will say that the chocolate covered sunflower seeds taste good- I took the picture and promptly opened them for a taste test :)

Now on to the real treat of today. I had ordered a few Rachelle Anne Miller stamps from Sweet and Sassy Stamps back in May or June as a pre-order. I received them in August sometime and thought I'd sit down to play. I was sort of at a loss so I looked around for some challenge sites. Unfortunately I went with a color challenge (pink) instead of a layout challenge. There's lots of pink but I'm not exactly sure that it all matches all that well. To top it off I used a portion of a level 1 scrapbook layout to start the card out. I despise pre-printed matting type pages so I had an extremely hard time figuring this thing out. Plus- I'm still trying to figure out which Copic markers blend well with CTMH colors. I guess that's why I still use CTMH markers as much as I do- yes they don't blend quite as well but at least I know they'll match!! The 2 lower right flowers were received with my stamp order from Sweet and Sassy Stamps. I'm also not convinced the hemp on those lower flowers looks all that great- I was trying to tie in some of the brown in the card. And what is up with that green lollypop- I mean- there's green in the paper but I just don't think any of my clors look good (except the browns :) )

Oh well- I'll feel better when next week rolls around and I show you some of the other stuff (way better stuff!) that I've been working on.

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Priemer Family said...

You are just so crafty, Traci! Cute stuff...I hope Addie is feeling better! Enjoy your weekend away! I think tonight I am actually going to get to scrapbook!