Wednesday, September 24, 2008

some assembly required...

Wow- a whole week has gone by since my last post!! All I can say is that there is a LOT going on right now and so my posting may be a little sporadic for the next little bit... Not that I don't have TONS to show you- I'm still creating- things are just running a little different around here right now!

This project I'm showing you today is actually something from my Open House for an upcoming class that I've been meaning to show you for a while!! I just took the photos yesterday finally!
The first photo shows the assembled KIT. I used a cute silver tin from . The "Build a Snowman" wording on the label was printed onto white cardstock. The red label is from the October Stamp of the Month "Annotations"
The pieces you see inside the tin are from the November Stamp of the Month "All Decked Out".
Although the face and buttons of the snowman are seperate stamps- I chose to add them to the appropriate pieces without needing to make them seperate magnets.
I made sure that I had one scarf that would got with each hat- color wise.
Colors: Holiday Red, clover meadow green, Crystal Blue
The magnets can be found at both Hobby Lobby (1-5x7 sheet for $1.99) or Michaels ( large roll- forget the size but it's a LOT for $9.99) With a 40% off coupon at either location it's pretty affordable but if you plan to make a bunch- the roll of magnets at Michaels is probobly a better deal.
Here's an assembled snowman on the side of my fridge- isn't it cute!!
I showed these to a co-worker who liked them so much she ordered 3 sets!!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Some close ups...

I've gotten several requests for close ups of the layout I posted the other day... so here's a couple that show the sparkle-iness of my layout.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Regional Celebration Contest Winner!!

Woohoo!! I just got back last night from a 2-day CTMH Regional Celebration in Detroit, MI. It was 2 awesome days of business and creative classes and it was worth every penny! They had fabulous speakers, fabulous artwork for us to make ( and we received LOADS of product for the projects), tons of free giveaways and yummy food for lunch each day. They had 2 contests we could submit artwork for- a card contest using rub-ons and a layout contest using the new Color-Ready Alphabet Stickers. Originally I'd intended to submit something to both contests but I barely had time to complete the layout entry ( I finished at 9:30 pm Thursday night and was leaving at 6am Friday morning!!) I really was worried I wouldn't finish in time- life was crazy the last few weeks and I'll be out of town every weekend in September except next weekend when I have my club members over. So I've been slightly overwhelmed with finishing swaps, club projects, gathering make and takes and more!!

Last weekend I finally sat down to look at my stash of photos. I've had these photos since the spring of '07 (yes the date is wrong on the layout-I'll fix it later) and had the title all planned but was totally uninspired to work on it. When I saw these last weekend my idea finally formed- I'd switch them to black and white and use the new Perfect Day Paper Pack. It took 24 hours in between a full work schedule and sleeping to complete. I literally started Wed. night at 10 pm until 11:30, woke up at 5:30 Thursday am and worked on it till I had to be ready to leave for work. Then I returned home from work at about 5:30 pm and worked on it throughout cooking dinner, after dinner, after my daughter's bedtime... finishing about 9:30. It was CRAZY! But- all the effort payed off big because I won first place!! yipppeeee!! First place earned me $50 to spend on CTMH product!!

The photos don't show it well but this is what I did with my Color Ready Alphabets- first I used some of each option available for sale. Any letters with stamping were done with the September Stamp of the Month: Treasure Life in Juniper ink. Those with stamping were also sponged with Bamboo ink. The solid color letters on the right page are sponged with Juniper ink then covered with prisma glitter using the write and rub pen ( a must-have for glitter enthusiasts!!) the numbers were sponged with bamboo and edged in Desert Sand. All of the stamped flowers were also covered with the write and rub pen and Glitter.
The brown flowers are sponged with Bamboo and Desert Sand and the "blue/green" flower is Juniper.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

She is....

I showed a sneak peak of this album last week- I'm so excited to finally share the whole thing. I am so pleased with the way it turned out- all supplies are by CTMH- and for the most part all of them are brand new. The only exception is that all the holes used for adding ribbon were made by my crop-o-dile which I purchased from Michaels using my 40% off coupon.

The first picture shows the cover and first page (rounded page with photo) The title started out as white chipboard. I sponged Sorbet ink and heat embossed with a 50/50 mix of prisma glitter and clear embossing powder. The white corner design and dragonfly are rub-ons- you can see some other rub-ons showing on future pages as well. The ribbons are from the sorbet and creme brulee collections.

The second page is the backside of the photo showing through the cover in the previous picture. I used the Perfect Day Paper pack on nearly every page- love this paper!!

The third photo is just a story page about my daughter's love of music and singing- she can sing just about anything after hearing it once and she LOVES John Denver songs!! Crazy! The red embroidery floss down the right side of the scalloped page is from the CTMH Red Embroidery Floss package- I believe it was Tulip floss.

Just another story page. This one is about her love of painting and generally all things crafty. She loves making cards!! She'll be a scrapbooker someday, I hope :)

The next page in the book goes along with the "creative" story mentioned above- it's a photo of her painting our picnic table!! so cute!!

Does the next one need any real explanation- she's goofy!

This page is a "story" that goes with the goofy tongue sticking out photo! First of all the "silly" was made with the new CTMH white alphabet stickers that are ready for color- I sponged Sorbet ink on the letters- then edged with Desert Sand. Next I covered them with glue and added Prisma Glitter. They are very sparkly!! The story reads like this: Mom: Addison- How old are you? Addison: Two Mom: you're not two- you're three. Addison: No I'm not two- you're two. Mom: You think I'm two? Addison: No- I think you're too old!
This little tag is the back side of the "silly" page and goes along with the "nature" page in the next photo. I used paper from the Notebook Paper Pack on these next two.

You might remember seeing the photo of my daughter jumping in the lake back in July- I just had to include this awesome photo in her mini-album!!

The following page is made of rub-ons

(besides the backgroundpaper of course!!)
The last photo in the book is this one that I took during a picnic at the park!! I added her name with rub-ons on the bottom tab of th ebook. The back cover is just the back side of this paper - no photos/ words etc so I didn't bother with a photo. I hope you enjoyed this book as much as I do!! I just love the way it turned out.
Overall- this album took about 6 hours- including the time to choose a theme and photos!!
Want to make one of your own- visit my website at to browse the catalog and buy supplies!

Friday, September 5, 2008

not so sure...

I was home with a sick kid today- ear infection was the culprit. She fell asleep in the car on the way home from the dr and slept another 2.5 hours on the couch.

Hmmm... I think maybe my free time would have been better spent on something other than the two projects I made.... but since all the cool stuff I've been making will either be posted next week after my open house- or later after I see if they'll be picked up for publishing or not.. .you are left with these.

The first really isn't terrible. The idea is nice, the colors are nice... I'm just not sure if I should have used such a large label stamp or not. There are smaller ones in the October stamp of the month- but they wouldn't have fit the wording... and while this one fits the wording.. it's sort hanging off all over the place. Overall- it could be worse :)

I will say that the chocolate covered sunflower seeds taste good- I took the picture and promptly opened them for a taste test :)

Now on to the real treat of today. I had ordered a few Rachelle Anne Miller stamps from Sweet and Sassy Stamps back in May or June as a pre-order. I received them in August sometime and thought I'd sit down to play. I was sort of at a loss so I looked around for some challenge sites. Unfortunately I went with a color challenge (pink) instead of a layout challenge. There's lots of pink but I'm not exactly sure that it all matches all that well. To top it off I used a portion of a level 1 scrapbook layout to start the card out. I despise pre-printed matting type pages so I had an extremely hard time figuring this thing out. Plus- I'm still trying to figure out which Copic markers blend well with CTMH colors. I guess that's why I still use CTMH markers as much as I do- yes they don't blend quite as well but at least I know they'll match!! The 2 lower right flowers were received with my stamp order from Sweet and Sassy Stamps. I'm also not convinced the hemp on those lower flowers looks all that great- I was trying to tie in some of the brown in the card. And what is up with that green lollypop- I mean- there's green in the paper but I just don't think any of my clors look good (except the browns :) )

Oh well- I'll feel better when next week rolls around and I show you some of the other stuff (way better stuff!) that I've been working on.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

swap card

Next Friday and Saturday I'm attending CTMH Consultant Regionals in Detroit, MI. I am extremely excited!! I signed up for one of the consultant card swaps and need to make 15 of whatever I design. Here's a practice card of my design... The changes I'll make are to make the sentiment block longer so that there is more space for my brads (they were an after thought!) and if I can find them- I may check to see if "google eyes" look good or bad.

Otherwise- I'm pretty happy with this card.

Supplies: Perfect Day Paper pack. Cardstock colors; Juniper, Pansy Purple, sunflower and Colonial White

Ink Colors: Desert Sand, Pansy Purple, Juniper, Honey, and Sorbet

Embellishments: Natural Hemp and Antique Copper bitty brads. Stamp Set: the brand new " Whoo loves you"

All supplies by CTMH

Monday, September 1, 2008

Happy Labor Day!

Today is Labor Day and I am off work... busy preparing for my next open house, designing projects, and as always- playing with my lovely daughter.

Yesterday I showed you the scrapbook layout I designed as part of my customer's September Kit. I always design 2 cards to go with the Kit of the Month and today I'm showing one of them.

I try to vary the theme of the cards from month to month to provide a variety. I was in need of some sympathy cards ( I hate when that happens!!) and thought this paper pack would work well for this - and everyone needs a sympathy card from time to time.

Here's the card I designed:
Supplies: Notebook Paper Pack, Big Pinks Just Blooms, Holiday Button Collection, The Gift of Love Stamp Set, liquid glass, natural hemp, Desert Sand Stamp Pad

It's a pretty simple card- I don't believe a sympathy card should be flashy.

The sentiment says: " When someone you love becomes a memory" Inside says " Their memory becomes a treasure"
I unraveled the ends of the hemp and folded it in half. it was opened up and adhered to the paper at an angle. The flower was also adhered with liquid glass. A clear button was adhered (again, with liquid glass) to a piece of the pink patterend paper. When the L. glass was dry- I used my craft knife to cut around the button. The decorated button was then adhered with liquid glass (surprise!) I love to use liquid glass to adhere embellishments to my projects. Oftentimes a glue dot will work but the differenct is that the L. glass dries whereas the glue dot stays sticky. On some projects this poses a problem so I tend to use L. glass whenever possible.