Sunday, August 31, 2008

A thank you and Back to school

First... the thank you:
Thanks to the Priemer family for making my daughter's day!! We love to get packages from our favorite family in England and we love to send them too!! This cute penguin mask was in the latest batch of goodies. Addison loved it!! Thanks for making our day!

My hubby and daughter were gone for the weekend. They left early yesterday morning and as of 3pm they are not back yet!! They'll be home soon so I thought I'd update the 'ole blog before they arrive.

Yesterday was my first of 2 open houses- I had a great time and am so grateful to my customers for helping me clear some room for new product ;)

Having the house to myself was such a nice change!! I figured out how to can jam last night. It's something I've been planning for a while and thanks to my friend Tonia I had a whole lot of peaches to use up... Actually- I still have a whole lot of peaches to use up but with the first bit I made 1 batch (5 jars) of peach jam and 1 batch (4.5 jars) of Triple Berry Peach Jam... MMMmmmm!! Yummy!! The half jar is too little to can so when it was done cooking I poured it in a jar to store in the fridge- when it was done cooling I did a taste test and it was gooood!! I used an even amount of crushed peaches, raspberries, strawberries and blueberries. The only problem with this one: it only used 2 peaches out of a bushel!! If I keep up with this recipe I'll never be done! Tonight I'm switching gears to freezer jam.
In other news: I designed the September Kit for my customers in time to include it in my September newsletter which I'll finish up tonight. Here's the layout:

I opted to go the School route for obvious reasons... but not so obvious is that this layout is actually gender neutral. The wonderful part about the changes to the CTMH product line is that they've started printing patterns on both sides of their paper. So the back side of this pink dotted paper... is a monochromatic blue dotted pattern. By simply flipping the paper over my customers can choose to make it more "boy" or "girl" simply by changing the color scheme. They'll also receive all the numbers pre-stamped so they can choose which grade they'll use this for. Thinking about school starting next week has me thinking that in one short year I'll have a kindergardener...that's why for the grade on this layout- I used a "k"... I'll set this sample aside and use it for next year!!!

The left page is meant for an 8x10 photo (great way to use up that large photo that you get when ordering school photos) but can easily used with a small photo by adding a photo mat (the kit includes a half pack of the Notebook paper pack so they can use the leftover cardstock for a photo mat) and switching the position of the photo clips. I am really happy with this paper pack and can't wait to use the rest on some heirloom photos I've got hanging around.

I have a few more open house pictures I'd like to save till next week after the last open house- but I think I'll go ahead and share this one:I used a cool little "band-aid tin" and decorated it with paper from the Enchanted Set. I stamped snowman "parts" from the November Stamp of the month "All Decked Out" (it's an AWESOME build-a-snowman stamp set that has so many options!! really fun.

I made some fun Holiday gift tags using this stamp set as well as the October Stamp of the Month "Annotations" I used another set as well but those tags are not showing in this photo.

the "to" and "from" are from Annotations- so are the cute labels used as tags!

Enjoy the rest of your holiday weekend! I will be busy with swaps and designing my daughter's birthday invitations... so I'm sure I'll be back with more tomorrow!


Priemer Family said...

I'm glad you liked the package...weren't the masks fun? Did you figure out the hat? I never did! I love the band aid tin...too cute, I might even make some Christmas tags myself this are very inspiring! Kurtis had just about finished all of our Christmas shopping already so I'll have extra time for crafts this year!

Leslie said...

I love those tags they are so cute great idea!