Sunday, July 27, 2008

wonderful weekend!!

I had the BEST weekend... I went out of town for my cousin's wedding- the first family wedding since mine almost 6 years ago... I had so much fun visiting all of the aunts, uncles, cousins and family friends. There had to be 250 or more guests at the wedding and it was a blast!! The scenery was beautiful as the reception was at a golf club and there was a little waterfall outside the banquet hall. There was a huge outdoor walkway that overlooked the course.

The wedding colors were black and hot pink- I wish I could show you photos of the awesome bridesmaid dresses- but I'm not sure I want to share photos of my extended family without their ok since this blog is open to the public...hmmm... maybe I'll go crop their heads out :) Ok- I did... The dress on the left shows the front of the sash a little better- and the cute design. The dress on the right shows how the sash comes down the back of the dress- isn't it cute!!

When I sat down to make the card for the wedding- I realized I had NO wedding stamps!! How dumb is that? Actually- that's not totally true- I did have a $1 set of Studio G wedding stamps from Michaels that I'd bought some time ago and never picked up. So I thought it'd be a good time to break those out and try that brand of stamps. Well- I can tell you that I will NOT be buying more of those!! At least not any that have solid images. The outline stamped fairly well (although the overall quality of these stamps is really only worth the $1 that I paid) the solid tuxedo image was HORRIBLE. Some of you might question whether the stamps were "seasoned" properly... or if I used "cushion" under my stamps? The answer is yes... I tried all the techniques a good acrylic stamper has up her sleeve... and sadly- none worked. I admit- this particular image does look ok- that's because after stamping it- I had to color it in with a black marker!!

Since I don't have a decent wedding set I also don't have a sentiment to go along with the card- so I printed the wording out on my computer. I can't really tell you what brand the paper is (the black and watermelon cardstock is CTMH but I'm not sure on the pattern) I will admit I bought it from the local chain store (for Midwesterners- it's Meijer- for everyone else- It's a store similar to Walmart but only found in a few states in the Midwest) The gemstone flowers (which are the same color as the pink cardstock in real life) are from Close To My Heart. They are self adhesive and come with 3 colors in the pack. I think there are about 12 flowers per pack. As of August 5th these will be available for sale on my website at while supplies last!! That will be the first time they've been available for sale to customers as in the past they were a gift from consultants to customers.
Well- It's nearing 10 pm and I need to design a class before I go off to bed... so I'll be back later this week with the sample photos!!

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kcacb said...

Well, for not having the right "supplies" you sure made a cute card! Way to be creative and work with what you had! Glad you had a fun weekend!