Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Lake Michigan Fun

I just have to share a few photos that I took Sunday and Monday on our way up the Michigan side of Lake Michigan. We had to cancel a big trip we had planned for this summer for a variety of reasons and decided on a short trip to the lake and then up. We spent 2 days driving what would have been about a 2.5 hour (or less) drive!! We hit 5 beaches, 3 state parks and some really fun small towns. We know which ones we'll plan longer stays at.. maybe next year. I did learn that while this type of trip suits my hubby and I - it is NOT WISE for a 3 year old. She did not like playing in the lake like a lunatic only to find it was time to pack up and head to the next beach. For some reason she would also only wear her swim suit at the final beach we visited... so it's a good thing I packed plenty of outfits!!

This picture to the left was taken at South Haven Michigan- it was so windy the waves were just crashing and she was trying to jump over all of them!! What fun to catch a mid-jump shot!!

The photo to the right was taken at St. Joseph, MI- that beach is so awesome!! We had never been there before
(actually- the only town we visited that we HAD been to was South Haven)

The windmill photo was taken at Windmill Island in Holland, MI. The windmill was actually disassembled in the Netherlands and shipped to Holland, MI for reassembly.

And lastly- here is one of the many lighthouses we saw on the trip... This particular one is located in South Haven. To the right of the lighthouse you can see part of a sailboat coming up the channel -
it was on the lake and entered the channel to get to the marina.

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kcacb said...

Addie is the cutest think ever!! Sorry your vacation wasn't everything you'd hoped for.