Wednesday, June 4, 2008

last of this swap...finally!!

Ok- now that I've posted all of the cards made with paper designed by others... I'll show you what the other swappers made with the paper I designed!!

First- Here's the original card I made that was sent to each swapper along with a piece of my paper. Next- Here's the directions on how I made my background paper(the directions are a tutorial I photographed while making a different card so the colors are different but the directions are the same).
And finally- here are the AWESOME cards I received from the other swappers using my paper:

Oh no!! There are 5 cards but I must not have taken the picture of the 5th by mistake!! I'll post that one tonight because it's super cute and I just CAN'T leave it out!! I'm not sure which swapper made which card but I'll post the whole list of swappers with the final card.

On another note- this little guy greeted me in the garden the other day and I just had to snap his photo!!


Amanda From: AJ's In-Sanity Center said...

The one not posted would be mine of course lol... I posted everyones cards from the swap on my blog as well!!

I really enjoyed being in it, as it was my first swap ever!! ;)

bellameabhn said...

awesome cards from the swap! truly lovely!
u lucky duck! i wish i had a frog to admire in my back yard! that's a kewl pic! you'll have to scrap a page with him using the "time's fun when you're having flies" set!