Monday, June 16, 2008

Garden Friend

We had a busy weekend working in the yard. I did manage to create a few things besides the Father's Day card I showed yesterday- but need to get photos uploaded before I can show you. In the meantime... here's a photo of another garden friend. If you don't take your camera with you when you are working in the yard... I highly recommend that you do. I am planning a scrapbook layout of my gardens and have made the commitment to photograph as much as possible to have a nice full layout. Along with floral pictures... I've been snapping photos of every creature that will let me get close enough!! Here's a photo of a praying mantis that I took in my vegetable garden on Saturday. I'm so pleased with the photos I've been able to take with my little Finepix A500 Fuji Digital Camera!! Now if I could just get my paint program to let my trim the top half of my photo- I'd be all set!!

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