Sunday, June 29, 2008


The below post is why you should always preview!! the Natures page is the left side and the other is the right. oh well- you get the idea :)

One more before hitting the road...

We are leaving town today for a few days... it's raining out! I hope it quits- much of our plans for the next few days are outdoors so I'm hoping the rain holds off once we are at our destination.

Thought I'd share a layout I designed for an upcoming August class. I totally loaded it funny but the left side is on the left and the right side is on the right. You can't tell too well but the "Natures" has a woodgrain look. I did this by inking the Natures in Indian Corn Blue ink and then stamping first on a woodgrain background stamp and then on my cardstock. The "beauty" is from the April Word puzzle. the center of the white paper flower is a clear button backed with a pretty blue floral paper. You can attach paper to the back of a clear button by using liquid glass so that you don't see the adhesive. I just received a pretty "nature" stamp with some sayings and tree images that I'll have out if anyone wants to add more to their pages.
Be back later this week with more art!! Have a great one!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Back to the regularly scheduled program...

Here's a few pieces of artwork to make up for the last few "talking posts"... and another garden shot!!
The first one uses a new stamp set I purchased with the CTMH Buy 2 Get 1 free special that ends on Monday!! (if you don't have a local consultant you can go to the Close To My Heart website and lookup a consultant based on your location... or you can purchase stamps here)
This is the first card I've made in a while for no apparent reason other than I loved these stamps and had to play!! This card uses the following Supplies:

Star Spangled Blue cardstock that has been sanded with sandpaper, The red patterned paper and the darker patterned strip are both from the Everlasting Paper Pack, Bamboo Textured Cardstock that is also sanded. The white Daisy Cardstock has been scissor distressed. Ribbons are from the Holiday Ribbon Round Collection and Outdoor Denim Ribbon Round Collection. I also used Pewter photo hangers and brads. Little boy is from the "Play Time" Stamp set # D1294 and the "happy birthday" is from "Nursery Bash set #D1236"

This second picture is of a layout I made a while back of my nephew's birthday party- It's actually a 2-page layout but I'm just showing the left side. He had a Cars themed birthday and the Route 66 paper pack was PERFECT for this theme!! Sorry this photo is a bit blurry!! I didn't realize it till after I uploaded it. The alphabet stamps are the Rustic Alphabet and the numbers are from the Solo Numbers. The paper I used is awesome it's all about Route 66 and cars!!
Well- I am having a big "garage sale" sort of event today and I need to finish setting up all of my old stamps and papers... I'll be back this weekend with more!!
ETA: I forgot the garden shot that was listed in my title... I'll add it to the next post :)

Thursday, June 26, 2008

We have a winner!!!

Thanks to everyone for posting a comment on my 2000 hits post...

The winner is Amanda and here is her comment: Congrats!!! I can't even imagine what I would do when I hit that mark! I'm getting there though...

So Amanda- send me your home address by e-mail to traci k eagen@msn dot com scrunch it all together and replace the dot with a . - just didn't want some computer to harvest my e-mail and send me viruses!! crazy lunatics!!

Anyway- I will be back with an art post this weekend before I leave on vacation for a few days. I'm currently preparing for a scrapbooking garage sale on Saturday... I'm curious how the turnout will be. I've only advertised to my customers- and the regulars i see every day for the most part are unable to make it... but then I started getting phone calls today about people who heard it from a friend, who heard it from a friend, who gets my newsletters... so it'll be interesting to see if it has a low or high turn out... Frankly- I'd be happy with medium!!! I have a LOT to sell to make room for everything new I've been buying that I haven't even opened yet!! yikes.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

In honor of...

**Sorry for the lack of posts this week- I was dealing with paypal fraud!! If you don't regularly change your passwords I highly recommend that you do so!! Someone hacked into my paypal acct. Friday (how does that happen??) and transferred nearly $700 from the card I had attached to the paypal acct and then used that to buy stuff! I caught it within hours and as of yesterday the money has all been transferred back... but what a pain!!***

Close To My Heart's annual convention is in Orlando this year!! And I can't go!!! In honor of the awesome location I'm posting a layout I did of the trip to Disney we took in January 07... Yes it is old artwork but I still like it!! Notice how you only see ONE photo with my hubby- he didn't really want his photo taken with characters so he took most of these. My daughter wouldn't go alone- so I had to be in ALL of them!!

I used the Giggles and Grins paper pack and stickease as well as the Classic Caps Alphabet Set. There's a chipboard A in the "what A bunch" title. I also used 3 cranberry buttons on the right page. I apologize for not trimming the photos better- I am only just now noticing it and since I'm on dial-up it takes longer to upload photos and I need to get to work... If I remember I'll edit them tonight.
As a side note- Today is the last day to register for Blog Candy- post a comment on the link below and you'll be entered!!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

2000 hits...

well- I'm 20 clicks from 2000 hits on my blog :) yippeee!!

Post a comment on this post... by Wednesday - everyone who posts will be entered into into a drawing. The winner will receive an assortment of scrapbooking/ stamping items and some stamped images!!
Thanks for visiting and I'll be back sometime tomorrow with some art.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Here's what I've been up to:

I've had the best week creating!! Not that I've made anything spectacular... I've just been able to cross some much needed creating off my list of things to do. The first is the set of camping invites I've needed to complete. We are hosting a campout for all of our family and friends that live across the state from us... in August- I really want the invites to go out by the end of June so that everyone that wants to come has time to plan/ take time off work if needed/ etc. Since I needed to make 17 of them- and they are going through the mail- I wanted them to be simple (besides- over half the people receiving them wouldn't realize how much time I spent on them anyway!!) Since I was on the scoring kick over the weekend I kept those supplies out for a quick and simple way to make the cards look good without spending lots of time. This stamp set is one I've been wanting ever since I joined a consultant swap last summer. One of the cards I received was similar to this one with different papers, colors etc. It used the "Sleep Over" stamp instead of the "Sleeping under the stars" - It was PERFECT for a little girls sleepover party!! There's also a stamp of a little boy in a sleeping bag- so it's not specific to girls.
The next thing on my agenda this week was to prep a new project kit for my customers for July. I have had a Free Spirit paper pack in my scrap area since it first came out last year. I LOVED this paper but just wasn't sure what the heck to do with it!! I decided to make it my mission to use that paper in my July kit. At first... I thought of a vacation layout- maybe with a Road Trip theme... but then when I started cleaning up my original mess from making the Camping hit me!! A camping layout would be PERFECT!! So- here it is.

The tent on the page above is paper pieced from some of the designer paper in the pack... the tent was stamped on both papers and pieced together... the tent "stakes" are antique copper brads.
Hope you like it!! I'll be back this weekend with more!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Garden Friend

We had a busy weekend working in the yard. I did manage to create a few things besides the Father's Day card I showed yesterday- but need to get photos uploaded before I can show you. In the meantime... here's a photo of another garden friend. If you don't take your camera with you when you are working in the yard... I highly recommend that you do. I am planning a scrapbook layout of my gardens and have made the commitment to photograph as much as possible to have a nice full layout. Along with floral pictures... I've been snapping photos of every creature that will let me get close enough!! Here's a photo of a praying mantis that I took in my vegetable garden on Saturday. I'm so pleased with the photos I've been able to take with my little Finepix A500 Fuji Digital Camera!! Now if I could just get my paint program to let my trim the top half of my photo- I'd be all set!!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day!!

Well- I just had to get on today and show you the design of my Father's Day cards this year... I've made them but NONE of them have been sent... they'll go out tomorrow and as I ALWAYS say- it's better late than never- because truly, I'm always late!!

I actually have a mini tutorial today. I've seen the scor-pal everyone has fallen in love with but I really don't need another tool in my craft room!! Close To My Heart sells the Fiskars paper trimmer so this is a neat trick they've taught us:

1. Line your paper up in the trimmer at the measurement you'd like your score lines to be.

2. Use your stylus (or the rounded end of a small paintbrush) to score your paper along the cutting track of the trimmer (make sure you remove your trimmer blade so it's out of the way.

3. Make your score lines pop in any number of ways: using your ink pad, sandpaper (the CTMH paper has a white core so this looks especially cool!), sponging ink etc. I chose to use my ink pad to add ink to my paper.

4. Complete your card! It's as simple as that. As long as you have a trimmer with measurements you can have your very own scoring tool.

Supplies Used: (ALL by CTMH Co) Crystal Blue , Outdoor Denim and White Daisy Cardstock, Bamboo Textured Cardstock, Red Patterned Paper from the Everlasting Paper Pack, New Horizons and Say it in Style(May '08 Stamp of the Month) Stamp Sets, Bamboo and Outdoor Denim Stamp Pads, Colored Pencils in Cranberry and Star Spangled Blue. The Crystal Blue and White Daisy were both scored 1/4 inch around the edges. The ship was stamped in Outdoor Denim, stamped off onto scratch paper- inked in Bamboo and stamped onto the white scored paper. It was then colored with the colored pencils. The sentiment was stamped with Outdoor Denim ink.

Check back this week for another card using these score lines- it's a Camping invitation for a big campout we are hosting for family and friends across the state later this summer- it's turning out cute!!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Berry Sweet...

Well- I designed this card sometime towards the beginning of last week... I got tied up with posting all of the swap results and had intended to post this one once those were finished... but I had a slight delay. Friday we lost power due to a bad storm passing through Michigan. Then Saturday and Sunday my daughter was sick... so I didn't get a lot accomplished while caring for her. The card though was fun to make- I made myself use scraps out of my bin. It's hard to tell but the strawberry panel is scored 1/4 inch in at the top and left sides. The sentiment piece is also scored 1/4 inch along the top edge. I used antique copper brads. I loved this card so much in person that I scrounged up 2 more pieces of the patterned paper that have been on my "for sale" table the last few months and made 12 cards in total... yeah!! all that paper is officially used, AND I've got a supply of this card for my fall craft shows.
(Supplies: Stamps - Papertrey Ink- ALL other supplies by Close To My Heart. Colors: Cranberry, White Daisy and Clover Meadow Green. Patterned paper from a SUPER OLD paper pack that I can't even remember the name of- from about 5-6 years ago. Gingham Ribbon is also retired. )

We did have scattered bouts of feeling well and playing outside this weekend- however, my daughter got stuck sharing the kiddie pool with the dog!! My husband took our lab for a LONG walk in the heat Saturday and the poor thing came home, kicked my daughter out of the pool and proceded to sit in the water for a good 4 - 5 minutes before she could reclaim her space. We didn't even have time to take his leash off!! He just jumped in.
I'm hoping for more time to post this week- but I've got a LOT going on.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Last one...finally

Here's the missing card from yesterday's post!! It was on my computer all along but got sorted into the wrong folder by mistake!!

Isn't this flower neat!! What a fun way to use the paper. Since Amanda commented on my last post- I know that this card was made by Amanda Jenks. And if you click here you can see all of the cards that Amanda made and received during the swap!! What a FUN swap that everyone has different artwork to share in the end result!! If I find that any of the other swappers posted their cards somewhere- I'll let you know!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

last of this swap...finally!!

Ok- now that I've posted all of the cards made with paper designed by others... I'll show you what the other swappers made with the paper I designed!!

First- Here's the original card I made that was sent to each swapper along with a piece of my paper. Next- Here's the directions on how I made my background paper(the directions are a tutorial I photographed while making a different card so the colors are different but the directions are the same).
And finally- here are the AWESOME cards I received from the other swappers using my paper:

Oh no!! There are 5 cards but I must not have taken the picture of the 5th by mistake!! I'll post that one tonight because it's super cute and I just CAN'T leave it out!! I'm not sure which swapper made which card but I'll post the whole list of swappers with the final card.

On another note- this little guy greeted me in the garden the other day and I just had to snap his photo!!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

yet again... more swaps!!

Today I'll show the last 2 sets of swap cards using up the paper I received from others... tomorrow I'll start showing the cards I received that were made with my paper.

This first one - I'm not sure who made it- there's no signature on the back. ETA: The creator of this card visits my blog- woo hoo!! She left a comment so now I know it was Amanda Jenks- I knew one of these cards was created by her and now I know which one!!

The random stamped paper I received was the jungle leaf fun!! You can tell on the "luv'n" that she added some sparkle to the letters!! My card is shown to the right. I used the upcoming July Stamp of the Month "In The Jungle" to create my card. I backed my image with olive cardstock and a square metal rim tag. I used the 3 silver brads on the left to balance the card. The Autumn Terracotta paper flower is centered with an olive green button. The ribbon at the bottom is from the Autumn Terracotta Collection.

Here is the last set of swap cards!! This is one of my favorite floral stamp sets "Delight in Everything"

To the right is my card. I tied some white sassy strands through the cranberry button that is attached to the top left flower. Cranberry designer ribbon was attached under the blue strip at the bottom.