Saturday, March 29, 2008

Busy Week

This week was a busy one! I have a 10 card workshop for 10 people tomorrow... across the state from me. I needed to concentrate and make sure I had all of my supplies packed and ready to leave this morning. Last year when I did this workshop- I forgot the stamp set for the one card that was the favorite... darn it!! I think I'm ready for this one :)

The other day while sitting at work, I looked up to find the back of my coat was full of "colored dots" of blue and red- it appeared as though my daughter had gotten crazy with the food coloring while coloring Easter Eggs. Too bad I didn't realize this sooner than 3 days later...I had been to church and 2 days of work before realizing! ugh.

I managed to get the pretty colors out of my coat- but thought I'd take a closer look at those Easter Egg coloring pictures I had proudly snapped:

You might notice the excitement on her face as she examines her pretty blue egg- right? I notice the dye dripping from her fingers (she totally abandoned the spoon when she realized she was faster when using her hands!) ready to be spread to my coat!! which isn't even visible in the picture- I have no idea where it was in relation to her dye covered hands and how far she walked covered in dye to get to my coat! Oh well- I'm happy to report that a little OxyClean Baby and the dye is gone.

I thought I'd post one of the cards the class will be making tomorrow. The class is a 10 card workshop and there are 4 birthday cards (a variety for a girl, boy, man and woman), 2 thanks, Mother's Day, Father's Day and some general cards as well- Here's the Mother's Day card made with the CTMH March Stamp of the Month. ( Supplies used: Sweet Pea Paper Pack, Simple Beauty (March Stamp of the Month), Baby Pink, Key Lime and Buttercup Markers, Write And Rub Pen(by Tonertex), Prisma Glitter, Spring Harmony Sassy Strands(yellow fibers), Spring Harmony Bigger Brads (pink brad), Black stamp pad, cutting knife, pop dot (the butterfly is pop dotted to add dimension) All supplies by CTMH except write and rub pen (which is sold by CTMH)

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